Claudia Taylor is a California native  -  raised barefoot and on horseback on bohemian Topanga Beach in the 60’s heyday in Malibu. She was imbued with a deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the mountains and beaches, as well as a deep connection to surf culture, growing up knee high and in the shadow of many surf legends.  From an early age, Claudia was drawn to a love of arts, culture, food and literature. A Drama major at NYU, she spent many years on the East Coast and Europe, traveling, studying and refining her aesthetic. Returning to Los Angeles, she produced a number of theatre productions, including Beckett’s classic ‘Endgame’ at Santa Monica’s Mayfair Theatre in 1985. As Arts and Entertainment Editor of Santa Monica News, her focus was on the iconoclastic artists that dominated the vibrant Venice art scene. 

A self-taught chef and food and health enthusiast, Claudia’s entrepreneurial drive led to a series of successful catering and event companies. She started her first venture Be’be Gourmet, at 16, catering for celebrity neighbors in the Malibu Colony. After college, she founded  FOOD INC,  based from Smashbox Studios. Clients included Cirque du Soliel, Democratic National Committee, major movie studios and record companies, NGO’s and high profile clients in L.A and across the nation.

Her love of producing flowed to events- small or large, from start to finish, menu to complete event including site-specific design and fabrication with the results always leaving an indelible memory on all who attended. While no longer catering, Claudia, with her husband Rob, love to entertain close friends at their home in Malibu with locally sourced food, often from their own home garden.

In 2008, Claudia expanded her skill set to include manufacturing, a high-end eco-beach surf, lounge and spa line of clothing. inspired by her childhood memories. 

In 2013,  Claudia became a founding editor at Malibu 90265 Magazine and later,  it’s sister publication, THE LOCAL MALIBU. She has written on subjects ranging form ARTS, SUSTAINABILITY, TRAVEL, DESIGN, FOOD, HEALTH and PROFILES.

Claudia’s innate sense of wonder and curiosity drive her exploration of the surrounding world leading to fantastic stories and character sketches. Her unique access to lives, lifestyles and perspectives provide a fertile ground for unique story ideas and editorial content.